Leather is the product of tanning raw hide in order to make it durable and flexible.

The tanning process uses agents to convert the proteins of raw hide into a constant material and with a number of coatings applied builds their wear and stain resistance.

Overtime the build-up of body oils, food stains, dust and grime can break down these coatings which can alter the appearance of your piece and its condition.

Therefore caring for your leather piece is imperative.

Remember leather is a natural product it is designed to age, wear and soften over time, and as a result the colour variations and textures are often unique.

It is important to understand that softer leather products are prone to stretching over time and as a result additional care must be taken and those lighter colour products may absorb dye that it comes in contact with so please be careful in these instances.


All our pieces are made from high quality raw leather materials from around the world.
therefore it is essential that you take care of your piece in order for it to last.​
In helping you achieve this we have listed below some care tips and instructions to assist with the longevity of your piece.


It is important to note that all leather pieces should be protected prior to use. A good quality leather protector should be applied regularly to assist in the effects of soiling.
Always take care with your leather pieces. Read the instructions carefully and always apply to an inconspicuous place initially to ensure no reaction occurs and reapply dependent of the frequency of use. ​
Please note:- ensure you cover all hardware such as beading or metal prior to spraying and ensure it is completely dry prior to storing.
Using a protective spray or cream will assist in the process of caring for your leather piece but is NOT a guarantee by iSHTA.


The majority of leather is able to be cleaned however it is important to use the correct cleaner for your leather item.
In order to achieve this visit your local leather or shoe repair shop to find the most suitable product.
As highlighted above ensure you apply the cleaner to an inconspicuous place on your piece before applying it to the complete piece to ensure there is no reaction to the leather.
It is important to then protect your item again.


Leather conditioners contain fats or oils that assist with the lubrication of the leather and replenish its suppleness however they are to be used occasionally.
Again prior to applying to your entire piece apply the conditioner to an inconspicuous part of your piece.
Follow the instructions on the conditioner and ensure you use a soft cloth when applying.
Allow the item to dry prior to storage. In addition polishing your leather is a good way to remove dust and fingerprints from your piece.
We recommend using a soft cloth and always store your item in the dust cover provided.


iSHTA recommend using the dust cover provided for storing when your bag is not in use.
Please ensure it is stored in a cool, dry place away from heat.